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Digital Doctors: How AI Will Improve Your Health

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on health systems will be far reaching. Dr Derek O’Keeffe discusses the AI that is already making a difference at University College Hospital Galway…

Prof Derek O'Keeffe, Medical Device Technology, NUI Galway & Consultant Physician (Endocrinologist) at University Hospital Galway (UHG)

16 Dec 2021

A Different View: Data Visualisation and Engaging Research

David Kelly explains how data visualisation techniques allow researchers to communicate complex data and ideas to researchers, policy makers and the wider public.

16 Dec 2021

Are We There Yet? Reflections on Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Cars

Nothing raises questions around the mingling of human and technology quite like autonomous cars. With multiple levels of AI involved, at what point does human judgment intervene? Prof Edward…

16 Dec 2021

Care with a Human(oid) Face – Working Ethically with Social Robots

A shortage of care workers is driving reliance on AI in human care.  When a patient is vulnerable and empathy is called for – can a robot be the…

10 Dec 2021

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