What Makes Us Empathetic?

Bernadine Brady, Associate Director at the UNESCO Child & Family Research Centre and Lecturer at the School of Political Science & Sociology, University of Galway; Conn Holohan, Researcher in Immersive Empathy Project and Course Director of the BA in Film & Digital Media, University of Galway

Date 9 Feb 2023

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Topic Creativity



While there is evidence to suggest that empathy is on the decline in society, using varied methodologies, researchers at University of Galway are exploring new ways to counter these trends.

Dr Bernadine Brady was Principal Investigator in a recent study at the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre (UCFRC) assessing the attitudes of 700 12–16-year-olds in Ireland on empathy, social values and civic behaviour.

In Immersive Empathy, Principal Investigator Dr Conn Holohan and his colleagues are investigating empathy through a different lens, empowering clients of Galway Simon to tell their life stories and reflections on homelessness through oral history and virtual reality.


Image: Cillian Murphy at Ionbhá launch. Photo by Jason Clarke.