In Conversation with Digital Artist, Dr. EL Putnam

Dr. EL Putnam, lecturer in Digital Media, NUI Galway

Date 16 Dec 2021



Dr. EL Putnam is an internationally recognised digital artist and a lecturer in Digital Media at NUI Galway. EL’s practice discovers new ways of thinking about the relationship between the body and data; her artworks and performances have travelled to the United States, Europe and beyond. Recent experiments have seen the artist create generative animations using biometric data, such as heart rate and oxygen levels. In this interview, EL shares her thoughts on creativity, education and the materiality of technology. 


Main image: video still from EL Putnam An Invitation (2021), co-created with Mike McCormack and David Stalling. In this semi-fictional work, the creators speculate about the future of grief. Some animations are created using biometric data collected by EL Putnam during her periods of mourning.