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Resilient Innovation
22 June 2023
17  MINS

Putting a Cost on Climate Stress: AI Can Help

Dr Aaron Golden

The cost of climate stress to food production is monumental, and attempting to calculate that cost is a complex, data-driven task. 2023 ENLIGHT Impact Award Winner and PI of the TAPAS project, Dr Aaron Golden is harnessing the potential of AI deep learning to detect fluctuations in biomass production linked to climate change visible from space. This innovative technology identifies not only the cost of such climate stress, but identifies those regions most in need of intervention. 

Creative Galway
13 January 2023
12  MINS

Innovation: “It Takes a Village”

W. Bernard Carlson

Contrary to the familiar image of the solitary inventor, Prof W. Bernard Carlson makes it clear that innovators never work alone. Drawing on pivotal examples in engineering and design, from the Buick automobile to the glass-ceramic wedding gift, Carlson presents innovation as a collective undertaking—a shaping of the path through which a product finds meaning.

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