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Creative Galway
10 January 2023
14  MINS

Earth Writings: A Toolkit for The Climate Crisis

Dr Nessa Cronin

What makes the knowledge systems of the arts and humanities uniquely valuable in addressing our current planetary predicament? Lecturer Dr Nessa Cronin brings together artists, academics, scientists and community activists to explore this key question. Together with her collaborators, she has created a creative toolkit in Earth Writings—a critical and inquisitive lens through which to navigate the climate emergency—the impact of which is now reaching classrooms across numerous disciplines.

28 July 2021
18  MINS

Foundations for the Future – Towards a More Sustainable World

Dr Nessa Cronin,, Prof John Morrissey

In planning for a more sustainable world, a key learning from the current crisis is that we must increasingly imagine the world in an interconnected global sense.

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