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Global Impact
27 June 2024
19  MINS

How horses inspired one scientist’s big invention

Dr Abigail Martin, Co-Founder and Director, ImmuONE; Alumna, University of Galway

In this piece Cois Coiribe talks to aluma Dr Abigail Martin, CEO and Co-Founder and Director of biotechnology company ImmuONE. Abigail’s love of horses made her interested in how science could help to make animals’ lives better, as well as curious about what we can learn about human health from animal studies. Her company manufactures her innovative product – a human in vitro lung – which has significantly affected how companies test their products, in particular, improving human safety and reducing animal testing. Explore Abigail’s journey below.

AI & Human Creativity
05 January 2022
16  MINS

To “Black Box” or not to “Black Box”?

Dr Anastasia Griva

Anastasia Griva poses a troubling question: Is inherently non-explainable ‘Black Box’ AI morally acceptable?

17 January 2021
15  MINS

The University as Space of Curiosity and Source of Ethics

Michael D Higgins

As someone who spent many years teaching political science and sociology in NUI Galway, I feel a close bond with the university, an affection that stays with me to this day as I recall so many wonderful years of teaching and research there, as well as the lifelong friendships forged.

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