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Global Health

SDG Champion
18 December 2023
18  MINS

“Water is at the centre of the climate crisis.”

Rory Moses McKeown, WHO

As a fundamental human need affecting a range of SDGs, access to clean and safe drinking-water is essential to a sustainable future. Rory Moses McKeown, University of Galway alum and Senior Technical Consultant at WHO, shares his views on the challenges to water safety and access in a climate crisis, and the emerging role of water in global conflicts.

SDG Champion
04 October 2023
14  MINS

Food Systems are Failing SDG Efforts: What are the Trade-offs?

Dr Anne Mullen

“The goals and targets of the SDGs don’t always synergise – there are many trade-offs – and fixation on individual SDGs is a hurdle for progress.” According to Dr Anne Mullen of the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences and the Ryan Institute, sustainable food systems are a key entry-point to accelerate progress across multiple SDGs. University of Galway is uniquely placed to understand and act on food systems – and our designation as SDG Champion gives us an even greater voice and responsibility to do so.

Resilient Innovation
28 June 2023
20  MINS

Propelling Innovation: University of Galway Spinouts

Today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape requires constant innovation. Founded in 2006, University of Galway’s Innovation Office is a hub for entrepreneurs, startups and established companies alike to propel their ventures to new heights in a supported environment.

04 October 2021
11  MINS

In Conversation With: Patricia Codyre

NUI Galway alumna Patricia Codyre works in Digital Health & Innovation at World Health Organisation (WHO). Here, she talks to Cois Coiribe about how her time at NUI Galway armed her with the skills to collaborate, communicate and identify creative solutions.

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