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Global Impact
29 May 2024
10  MINS

A Look at the Centre Working to Help Europe’s Businesses Scale Up

Professor Esther Tippmann, Co-Founder and Co-Director, the Centre for Entrepreneurial Growth and Scaling (CEGS), University of Galway , Professor Jonathan Levie, Co-Founder and Co-Director, the Centre for Entrepreneurial Growth and Scaling (CEGS), University of Galway 

As the only UKI-based partner of the European Scale-up Institute, the Centre for Entrepreneurial Growth & Scaling (CEGS) is tackling Europe’s business scale-up gap through evidence-backed research, outreach, and coaching services.   What are the defining factors of a successful scale-up today, and how can we move the needle in accelerating scaling across Ireland and Europe? CEGS Co-Directors, Professors Esther Tippmann and Jonathan Levie share their thoughts in this new edition of Cois Coiribe.   

SDG Champion
25 September 2023
13  MINS

In Conversation: Ibec CEO, Danny McCoy

Danny McCoy

True prosperity calls for a balance between public and private sector, argues Danny McCoy, University of Galway alum and CEO of Ibec (Irish Business & Employers Confederation). With a varied career as an executive, senior economist and lecturer, this University of Galway alum has developed a strong perspective on the makings of a sustainable economy. Here, Danny sits down with Cois Coiribe to share his views on education, sustainability, globalisation and more.

12 October 2021
25  MINS

‘We all Rise and Fall Together’ – Notre Dame’s Michael Pippenger on Internationalisation

Michael Pippenger is Vice President & Associate Provost for Internationalisation at University of Notre Dame. Here, he speaks about the value of internationalisation to the university, the surrounding community and the region, and tells us why a focus on internationalisation is a win-win.

29 July 2021

The Global Galway Project

Welcome to The Global Galway Project. Built on the foundational concept of a ‘Global University’, this new initiative will review every aspect of NUI Galway’s internationalisation activities, identifying our current gaps and our aspirations for the future. It will develop a new and sustainable structure with robust processes and ways of working that will enable our university to fulfil its international potential. The Global Galway Project is a means of looking forward and will embed our institutional values of Openness, Sustainability, Excellence and Respect into our future internationalisation plans. For more information visit

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