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29 April 2022
19  MINS

Truth and Testimony: Ireland’s Carceral Institutions

Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley

Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley, a foremost expert in the history of childhood in Ireland, argues that our national story remains incomplete until we recognise our institutional history. Calling for a survivor/person-centred approach, she reflects on the importance of testimony in piecing together an understanding of Ireland’s Carceral Institutions.

16 March 2022
17  MINS

Russia in Ukraine: How will it end?

Dr. Brendan Flynn

In a recent piece for The Irish Times, Fintan O’Toole urged the West to think carefully about an endgame for the Ukraine war. The response in the West has failed, according to O’Toole, in its prioritisation of “speed and immediate impact over long-term utility.” Can political science and Cold War history help us chart a concrete path towards an endgame?

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