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Resilient Innovation
22 June 2023
14  MINS

Seven Years of the Galway City Innovation District and the PorterShed

Prof John Breslin


A recent report from KPMG found that between 2021 and 2016, PorterShed had created 835 sustainable jobs across the value chain and contributed over €6 million to national economic output. Following the opening of PorterShed a Dó at the end of 2022, cofounder and University of Galway professor, John Breslin explains why more and more innovation-driven companies in Galway are clustering and thriving together. 

29 July 2021
12  MINS

How COVID-19 is Accelerating Key Trends Shaping the Global Economy

Prof Alan Ahearne

Prof Ahern describes how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated and intensified trends in the global economy that were already underway, and both challenges and opportunities it represents for policy makers and societies, as governments around the world seek to rebuild their economies.

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