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SDG Champion
07 November 2023
13  MINS

The Real-World Effects of Cyberbullying

Dr Mairéad Foody

Easy access to virtual social space has seen young people face dangers of cyberbullying, sextortion and online victimisation. Many primary schools have taken steps to ban smartphones on school grounds, following the launch of government guidelines on restrictions of smartphone use among young people. According to Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr Mairéad Foody, research is key in informing quality prevention and intervention among schools, parents and guardians.

Creative Galway
15 December 2022
12  MINS

Telling the Story of Sexual Consent in Ireland

Dr Charlotte McIvor

We need to change national conversations around sexual consent; creativity makes that possible, says Dr Charlotte McIvor.

18 May 2022
30  MINS

Taking Risks on Life on this Planet

Tom McDermott, Dr Denis O’Hora

More than ever, we understand the causes of climate change and the likely consequences of inaction. So, what stops us from reducing carbon emissions in a meaningful way? Lecturer in Economics of Climate Change & Development, Tom McDermott and Behavioural Scientist, Dr Denis O’Hora investigate why we, as a society, have been unable to make greater progress in tackling this existential challenge.

27 July 2021

The Power of Positive Persuasion

Prof Molly Byrne

Professor Molly Byrne has ensured Ireland has been an international beacon for the use of behavioural science in the Covid-19 policy response.

07 May 2021
15  MINS

Fighting the Headlines: Active* Consent is working to reduce experiences of sexual violence and harassment for young people

Dr Charlotte McIvor, Dr Pádraig MacNeela, Dr Siobhán O’Higgins

Leading academics tackling sexual harassment on campuses around the country by working with young people to reduce experiences of sexual violence and harassment for young people.

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