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Remote working

AI & Human Creativity
17 December 2021
14  MINS

Adapting to a Changing Job Market

Anastasiya Sytnyk

With COVID-19 disrupting hospitality and retail industries where many young people find employment, students like Anastasiya Sytnyk have had to reconsider their employment options. After a year of working remotely in an IT sales role, Anastasiya shares her insights on adapting to a changing job market.

AI & Human Creativity
16 December 2021

The Creative Spark – How Will Innovation be Affected by the Absence of a Watercooler?

Prof Esther Tippmann

Esther Tipmann reminds us of the critical role of human skills and competences; while technology platforms to support innovative work in an online or hybrid setting have improved, they are not yet able to replace the casual cognitive synergies and frictions that occur when being present in the same place.

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