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13 June 2024
19  MINS

How horses inspired one scientist’s big invention

Dr Abigail Martin, Co-Founder and Director, ImmuONE; Alumna, University of Galway

In this piece Cois Coiribe talks to alum Dr Abigail Martin, CEO and Co-Founder and Director of biotechnology company ImmuONE. Abigail’s love of horses made her interested in how science could help to make animals’ lives better, as well as curious about what we can learn about human health from animal studies. Her company manufactures her innovative product – a human in vitro lung – which has significantly affected how companies test their products, in particular, improving human safety and reducing animal testing. Explore Abigail’s journey below.

SDG Champion
15 December 2023
33  MINS

Dr Martin Walsh OBE: Understanding Viruses at the Molecular Level

Dr Martin Walsh OBE

University of Galway alum, Dr Martin Walsh OBE has spent 30+ years studying the structure of biological molecules. In his work at Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, Dr Walsh uses X-ray crystallography to image a range of biological macromolecules from proteins and nucleic acids to viruses at the molecular level. The technique relies on generating crystals of the macromolecules which are then illuminated with X-rays to determine their atomic structures. At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the skills of Dr Walsh and his team were diverted towards early drug discovery in the race to address the worldwide health crisis. Now in 2023, he has been named an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to Science during COVID-19.

Creative Galway
27 January 2023
24  MINS

How Do We Value Creativity After AI?

Professor John McHale

However troubling to today’s creatives, the rapid development of AI has generated a high demand for a new kind of skillset, one that is arguably creative in its own right. What do these changes in the skills economy mean for educators and institutions? Economist Prof John McHale reports on recent research unpacking the value of creative skills after AI, and the role of star recruitment in catalysing these creative skills in institutions. Finally, McHale looks at the question mark lingering over the value of the creative economy, through the lens of cost-benefit analysis.

AI & Human Creativity
13 January 2022
16  MINS

The Need for Shared Digital Infrastructure

Edward Curry

Put simply, ‘big data’ refers to datasets that are so large, varied, and fast, they are difficult or impossible to process using traditional methods. With access to such complex information, organisations can learn more about their customers and operations, and in turn, develop AI solutions that give them a competitive edge. Who has the scale and expertise to manage big data systems, and who gets left behind? Established Professor of Data Science, Edward Curry considers a more sustainable data ecosystem, in which the benefits of AI are evenly distributed.

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