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SDG Champion
18 December 2023
18  MINS

“Water is at the centre of the climate crisis.”

Rory Moses McKeown, WHO

As a fundamental human need affecting a range of SDGs, access to clean and safe drinking-water is essential to a sustainable future. Rory Moses McKeown, University of Galway alum and Senior Technical Consultant at WHO, shares his views on the challenges to water safety and access in a climate crisis, and the emerging role of water in global conflicts.

26 August 2022

On the Ground in Afghanistan

17 December 2021
14  MINS

Cybercrime: The ‘High Seas’ of the 21st Century?

Sean Morris

University of Galway graduate, Sean Morris, looks to the history of piracy on the high seas for pointers to the future of cybercrime.

15 December 2020
16  MINS

NUI Galway – Strengthening Global Peace & Security

Tom Felle, Mícheál Tierney, Vice Admiral Mark Mellett, Prof Siobhán Mullally

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