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Creative Galway
15 December 2022
16  MINS

Laughing to Learn

Dr. Jessamyn Fairfield

Why might a Lecturer in Physics at University of Galway go about training hundreds of academics to perform comedy around their research? According to Bright Club Ireland founder Dr Jessamyn Fairfield, comedy is a creative process, a remixing of stories with the aim of flipping one’s perspective and piercing through the tension of a watchful audience. With the toolkit of improv comedy in hand, Jessamyn is building confidence, connection and innovative learning methods among a variety of academic fields.

AI & Human Creativity
23 December 2021
15  MINS

A Data Love Story

Margaux Smith, Meadhbh McNutt

What does your data shadow look like? How does it intersect with your relationships and everyday life? These are the questions raised by artists Margaux Smith and Meadhbh McNutt in A Data Love Story. Through visualisation and narration, Margaux and Meadhbh tell the story of a romantic relationship through the lens of linguistic data, based on texts shared between Meadhbh and her boyfriend, Eimhin across two fortnight periods.

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