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SDG Champion
18 December 2023
18  MINS

“Water is at the centre of the climate crisis.”

Rory Moses McKeown, WHO

As a fundamental human need affecting a range of SDGs, access to clean and safe drinking-water is essential to a sustainable future. Rory Moses McKeown, University of Galway alum and Senior Technical Consultant at WHO, shares his views on the challenges to water safety and access in a climate crisis, and the emerging role of water in global conflicts.

28 June 2022
15  MINS

Empowering Youth to Create Change

Elaine Nevin

ECO-UNESCO is an environmental education and youth organisation aimed at channeling the creativity of our youth into positive environmental change. NUI Galway Alum, Elaine Nevin, is ECO-UNESCO’s National Director. Here, she talks about her own journey into environmentalism and how young people today are demanding change.

15 June 2022
13  MINS

‘Sustainability is a smart business strategy’

Joanne Sheahan

Joanne Sheahan, Senior Executive for Climate Action & Sustainability with Enterprise Ireland talks about sustainability and business in Ireland.

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