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26 June 2023

Regional Business Summit: Engaging People and Leading on Sustainability

In partnership with ITAG and Galway Chamber, J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics Regional Business Summit: Engaging People and Leading on Sustainability was a highly anticipated event at University of Galway, drawing over 150 business leaders, policymakers and sustainability advocates from regional industries and sectors. The summit, held on 31 March 2023, aimed to foster dialogue, collaboration and innovation to address pressing environmental and social challenges while promoting sustainable economic growth in the West of Ireland.

05 July 2022
14  MINS

Tackling Energy Consumption – We Have More Power than We Think

Prof Frances Fahy, Professor Frances Fahy

A recent study led by Prof Frances Fahy and Dr Gary Goggins shows evidence that people can significantly reduce energy use when given the tools to challenge their everyday practices.

If implemented at societal level, these savings could play a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonising the economy.

21 June 2022
24  MINS

Global Sea Levels are Rising – Here’s what we can do

Dr Eugene Farrell, Lecturer & Researcher, Geography, NUI Galway

Despite predictions that large parts of Ireland’s coast will be submerged underwater by 2050, Ireland is still decades away from realising the potential of nature-based solutions. Here, geographer Dr Eugene Farrell explains how we can help face the challenges of climate change by restoring key coastal ecosystems.

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