Cell EXPLORERS: Who Gets To Be a Scientist?

Meadhbh McNutt in conversation with Dr Kristin Anderson and Dr Sarah Carroll

Date 15 Mar 2023

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Topic Creativity



Based in University of Galway’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Cell EXPLORERS is a public engagement programme that aims to address science-related misconceptions held by some young people and provide positive experiences with hands-on science.

Cell EXPLORER’s recently launched the GROWS project to challenges perceptions around who gets to be a scientist—inviting young people from disadvantaged and minoritised groups to discover science through creative and novel activities—and analysing the societal impact along the way. Here former National Coordinator Dr Sarah Carroll and GROWS Manager Dr Kristin Anderson delve into the benefits of creative engagement for scientists and young people alike.

Image: CE University of Galway Team Leader and PhD student Rachel Allen (left) helping young person (right) make their poster at the Science Club 2022. Photographer: Aengus McMahon