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Business Alumni

SDG Champion
25 September 2023
13  MINS

In Conversation: Ibec CEO, Danny McCoy

Danny McCoy

True prosperity calls for a balance between public and private sector, argues Danny McCoy, University of Galway alum and CEO of Ibec (Irish Business & Employers Confederation). With a varied career as an executive, senior economist and lecturer, this University of Galway alum has developed a strong perspective on the makings of a sustainable economy. Here, Danny sits down with Cois Coiribe to share his views on education, sustainability, globalisation and more.

Resilient Innovation
06 July 2023
10  MINS

Spotlight On: Alum, Deepak Kumar Jain, NetApp

Deepak Kumar Jain

Deepak Kumar Jain is senior manager of software engineering at data company, NetApp. An alum of University of Galway, Deepak has vast experience in software development, leading multi-million product releases from start to end, in countries including France, Germany, India and Ireland. Here, Deepak shares his thoughts on emerging technologies to watch out for, and the West of Ireland’s unique appeal as a region for education and innovation.

Resilient Innovation
26 June 2023

Regional Business Summit: Engaging People and Leading on Sustainability

In partnership with ITAG and Galway Chamber, J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics’ Regional Business Summit: Engaging People and Leading on Sustainability was a highly anticipated event at University of Galway, drawing over 150 business leaders, policymakers and sustainability advocates from regional industries and sectors. The summit, held on 31 March 2023, aimed to foster dialogue, collaboration and innovation to address pressing environmental and social challenges while promoting sustainable economic growth in the West of Ireland.

Resilient Innovation
22 June 2023
17  MINS

Lua Health: How Algorithms Can Help Detect Mental Health Issues at Work

Mihael Arcan, Fionn Delahunty

With support from the University of Galway, Lua Health is working to overcome the stigma around mental health in the workplace. Using machine-learning algorithms – this research-led start-up interprets how we speak and write at work to detect early signs of poor mental wellbeing – combining expertise in both natural language processing and clinical psychology.

26 April 2022
24  MINS

Spin Out Success Stories 2021

Led from NUI Galway, BioInnovate Ireland is a national fellowship programme designed to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship in the medical device sector in Ireland. Meet some of its 2021’s success stories.

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