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18 December 2023
19  MINS

Flóra na Gaeltachta: saibhreas na bithéagsúlachta mar áis foghlama

An Dr Seathrún Ó Tuairisg

Tugann Seathrún Ó Tuairisg léargas ar phlandaí coitianta agus neamhchoitianta atá le feiceáil i gceantar Chois Fharraige i gConamara, Co. na Gaillimhe. Tugann an obair seo spléach ar a thábhachtaí atá an bhithéagsúlacht don timpeallacht agus don tsochaí – ábhar atá thar a bheith tráthúil anois agus muid in éigeandáil aeráide agus i ngéarchéim bhithéagsúlachta. Is réimse é seo a luíonn isteach go mór le straitéis Ollscoil na Gaillimhe i leith na spriocanna forbartha inbhuanaithe (SDG) – Sprioc 15, Beathra Talún, go háirithe. 

21 July 2023
11  MINS

Bold Nostalgia: Enda Burke at GIAF

Meadhbh McNutt

Galway International Arts Festival welcomes Enda Burke’s Far Away & Close to Home to Outset Gallery this year in a unique showcase of the Galway artist’s bold visual language. Recently awarded the International BarTur Photo Prize, Burke’s work has been published in various media from The Guardian to Rolling Stone Magazine. Here, University of Galway Editorial Manager, Meadhbh McNutt contextualises this multidisciplinary body of work in a short creative essay.

Resilient Innovation
22 June 2023
19  MINS

An Mheitheal Rothar: Pioneering a New Model for the Circular Economy

Dr Sinéad Mitchell, Lecturer, Sustainability and Strategy, College of Business, Public Policy and Law; , Catherine  Coote, Co-Founder,  An Mheitheal Rothar,

Today’s economy, defined by in-built obsolescence, relies on the extraction of over 90% virgin materials from the earth. Pioneering a new model for the ‘social startup’ based at University of Galway, An Mheitheal Rothar (AMR) is determined to show us that a circular economy is possible in the West of Ireland. Lecturer in Sustainability and Strategy, Dr Sinéad Mitchell and AMR cofounder, Catherine Coote tells us exactly what makes this unique model a success.  

26 May 2022
15  MINS

From the Ground Up – Irish peatlands communities reducing CO2 emissions

Professor Christine Domegan

As the world strives to reduce carbon emissions, peatlands have been dubbed the new “black gold,” storing over three times the carbon of all the forests in the world. As part of the EU LIFE Peatlands and People project, people who once dug out drains to dry up bogs for peat harvesting are now blocking those very drains as part of a large-scale rewetting process. What drives a cultural shift like this? According to Professor of Social Marketing Christine Domegan, we must match urgent calls to action with positive models for change and mutual community support.

19 May 2022
25  MINS

Measuring Pollution in the Cleanest Air in Europe

Liz Coleman

Thanks to its unique location, research at Mace Head shows the extent to which the most remote areas in the world are affected by pollution. Observing the rise of Greenhouse Gases, Liz Coleman and her fellow scientists find it increasingly important to communicate their findings to the public. In collaboration with artists Paula McCloskey and Sam Vardy, and science engagement & education expert, Mairéad Hurley, Stories of the Air/Spéirscéalta aims to do just that – driving collective action through storytelling.

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