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Resilient Innovation
22 June 2023
19  MINS

GEOFIT: More than a Hole in the Ground

Luis Miguel Blanes Restoy

What started as a hole in the ground on the University of Galway campus grounds is now a living field-scale laboratory for geothermal technology. Beyond heating the campus swimming pool, GEOFIT’s ground-source heat pump infrastructure will act as a pilot for other European countries, influencing policy and propelling Ireland’s decarbonisation journey forward as a whole.

Creative Galway
13 January 2023
12  MINS

Innovation: “It Takes a Village”

W. Bernard Carlson

Contrary to the familiar image of the solitary inventor, Prof W. Bernard Carlson makes it clear that innovators never work alone. Drawing on pivotal examples in engineering and design, from the Buick automobile to the glass-ceramic wedding gift, Carlson presents innovation as a collective undertaking—a shaping of the path through which a product finds meaning.

Creative Galway
15 December 2022
16  MINS

In Conversation: Stephen Dooley

Meadhbh McNutt

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming platform, serving 456 million users with access to songs and podcasts from artists across the globe.   Alum Stephen Dooley is both an independent musician and an Engineering Manager at Spotify. He recently played at Éalú Le Grá Festival as one half of London-based house duo, Delac. We sat down to ask Stephen about his thoughts on making music, studying at University of Galway and the influence of Spotify on the music industry today.   Image: Original photograph by Alex Waespi (, design by Unthink.

13 May 2022
13  MINS

In Conversation: Dr Matt Kennedy, Arup

Dr Matt Kennedy, A. Director of Carbon, Climate & Sustainability, Arup

Design engineering firm, Arup count buildings such as the Sydney Opera House and the Centre Pompidou among their innovative projects. As Associate Director of Carbon and Climate Change, Dr Matt Kennedy leads climate change services for Arup in infrastructure, buildings and cities. Across his 20 years of sustainability leadership spanning government, industry and academia, the NUI Galway alumnus has seen major changes in the way we think about climate change.

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