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23 May 2024
18  MINS

Thriving or Surviving? A Global Research Alliance Pushing for Reform in Hospitality Work

Dr Deirdre Curran

Research by J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics at University of Galway has found that although workers in the hospitality industry are often passionate about their work, the industry is experiencing a chronic labour shortage. Poor conditions and lack of prospects are some of the key reasons. Now a new global alliance aims to tackle conditions in hospitality through educating policy makers and industry leaders about what is needed to ensure “decent work”, and Ireland is positioned to be a leader in the field.

01 July 2022
15  MINS

Transforming Waste into Energy

Prof Piet N. L. Lens

Imagine an economy in which domestic and industry waste can be used to create energy. In NUI Galway’s Ryan Institute, Prof Piet Lens and his team of microbiologists are investigating just that; using microbes to discover new ways to convert organic and inorganic waste into bioenergy.

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