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SDG 15

SDG Champion
19 December 2023
17  MINS

A Better World Through Better Business

Dr Johanna Clancy

In a 1970 essay for The New York Times, Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman stated that “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Its Profits.” Fast-forward over 50 years, business is confronted with major socioeconomic, environmental and geopolitical disruptions, challenged as never before to adapt, be relevant and contribute solutions to the world’s pressing issues (AACSB Pathways) – as well as making profits.

18 December 2023
19  MINS

Flóra na Gaeltachta: saibhreas na bithéagsúlachta mar áis foghlama

An Dr Seathrún Ó Tuairisg

Tugann Seathrún Ó Tuairisg léargas ar phlandaí coitianta agus neamhchoitianta atá le feiceáil i gceantar Chois Fharraige i gConamara, Co. na Gaillimhe. Tugann an obair seo spléach ar a thábhachtaí atá an bhithéagsúlacht don timpeallacht agus don tsochaí – ábhar atá thar a bheith tráthúil anois agus muid in éigeandáil aeráide agus i ngéarchéim bhithéagsúlachta. Is réimse é seo a luíonn isteach go mór le straitéis Ollscoil na Gaillimhe i leith na spriocanna forbartha inbhuanaithe (SDG) – Sprioc 15, Beathra Talún, go háirithe. 

SDG Champion
15 December 2023
18  MINS

Imagine a Futuristic, Sustainable City between Galway and Dublin

Prof Padraic Kenna

We like to mix the global and the local in Galway. We talk a lot about climate, justice, land and housing, which is why the Sustainable Development Goals mean so much to us. Our greatest task now is to envisage the carbon-free, sustainable and inclusive communities of the future. ‘THE LINE’ offers a glimpse into what these could look like. 

SDG Champion
04 October 2023
14  MINS

Food Systems are Failing SDG Efforts: What are the Trade-offs?

Dr Anne Mullen

“The goals and targets of the SDGs don’t always synergise – there are many trade-offs – and fixation on individual SDGs is a hurdle for progress.” According to Dr Anne Mullen of the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences and the Ryan Institute, sustainable food systems are a key entry-point to accelerate progress across multiple SDGs. University of Galway is uniquely placed to understand and act on food systems – and our designation as SDG Champion gives us an even greater voice and responsibility to do so.

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